Top 10 Rules for an Effective Landing Page

When you’re designing an effective landing page, there are some very important things you need to focus on. Many people think they just need a few links to a products page, but there are many more things that factor in when you are building a great landing page. You can’t do everything in a short amount of time, it takes patience, so be sure to go over everything twice or three times just to make sure you have it right. You can even ask someone to come in and evaluate your pages so you have an unbiased review from someone that will tell you the truth.


Below I’ll be going over the top 10 rules to an effective landing page, and they are:


Your Page Needs to Focus on One Thing

You need to figure out what your main business point is and stick with it. You can’t talk about all of your services or products because it could get overwhelming and possibly confuse if there’s too much to read. Stick to one or two of your main selling points and get detailed about it.


The Most Important Info Goes Above the Fold

Above the fold means you need to have all of the quality selling points in front of the visitor before they even scroll down the page. This is your Money Section and will likely boost your sales if set up just right.


Your Headlines Need to Attract Attention

I’m not saying you need to set it up to be click-bait, but you need to keep your headlines attractive so people keep reading and stay on the page longer. If you have bland headlines it will guarantee that people will leave your pages and not go to a second or third article. Keeping people on your website is what you’re trying to do, so keep your headlines attractive.


Your Specific Audience Needs to Get Special Benefits

If you know exactly what your audience wants, give it to them in the form of a benefit like a discount. You can even give away specific things that they might want, which will increase your page views as well as sales.


Talk About Specific Features

Just like the very first point, get specific about your one or two features and you will have a much better landing page. If you’re just glossing over and typing up a few sentences about your services, you’re not creating a great experience for the user and your sales will likely drop.


Provide a Clear Call to Action

If your links are disguised within the content or don’t stand out in the sidebar and footer, you won’t see an increase in sales or profits. Make sure your call to actions stand out from the page and you will see people clicking on them more often, boosting your sales.


Use Unique and High-Quality Images

Using bland images won’t get you much in the field of quality landing pages. If you have to, pay for a subscription to a stock image platform and select some specific images that fit your design and industry. After you have the right images for your landing page, customize them slightly so they stand out a bit more.


Use Formatting to Break the Page Apart

When I run into a wall of text I tend to not read it. Now, if that wall of text was broken up into smaller paragraphs and had headlines for a few of them, I would read down the page more often and that means formatting works. It’s actually proven that formatting your content works better than a wall of text, so do it and watch your time on page increase.


Use Social Proof on Your Pages

When you’re trying to get people to sign up for something, use social proof to increase your success rates. When you show that X amount of people already love what you’re doing, tell other visitors about that and they will more than likely sign up because others will do the same.


Have An Easy to Opt-In Form

When you’re building a great landing page, you will always need an opt-in form to boost your sign-ups. Email marketing is still a huge way to increase profits, so start collecting those emails and watch the return visitors start buying more and more.


In Conclusion

If you can follow all of the tips above, you will more than likely have a great landing page and boost your sales. It’s a long journey, and it might take you a few tries or days, but you can make the best landing page if you just go through the above list step by step and make sure it’s done to perfection. Remember, most landing pages only need to be done once and can sit there for a long time bringing in leads.


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