Why You Should Use a Premium WordPress Theme Instead of Free Website Builders

If you’re starting on your digital journey you will likely be figuring things out, one of them will be how to set up a website for an affordable price, and you will more than likely stumble upon Wix because they’re massive and spend a lot of money on marketing each month. What you need to understand is that you will probably get more freedom and functionality if you were to purchase a premium WordPress theme from a place like themeforest.net and put it on your hosting account.

If you were to have your theme, on your hosting, you could edit any page or line of code that you want. You could use the premium WordPress theme as a sort of template and modify the design of every single page so you have something truly unique. You can use builders like Visual Composer or Elementor to get this done even if you know nothing about design.

It does cost some money upfront, but you won’t be paying a $15 monthly fee for an underwhelming design on a large shared server where you’re likely placed with 500+ other websites. You can have access to a cPanel, your WordPress dashboard, all the code, and have complete freedom. Or you could go with Wix and pay them a monthly fee to have a basic site and then you’ll realize if you truly want to be successful online you’ll need something more unique, which is why you should just start with a Premium WordPress Theme now and avoid Wix if you’re trying to be a professional in your industry and make waves.

Some people may get intimidated by the intricacies that come along with websites, but it’s not that difficult once you go through all the steps for the first time. When signing up for hosting through Advertising Solutions Web Design, we will walk you through everything and even do the steps for you if you’re stuck, most other hosting companies will also help you with this.


What you need to do:

  1. Purchase your domain
  2. Purchase hosting
  3. Purchase your desired theme from ThemeForest.net
  4. Upload your theme (most come with demo content)
  5. Take a few days to edit your pages and go through your settings
  6. Continually edit, update, and add content

A website isn’t something you can set up and leave it alone; you need to continually update plugins and themes as well as your content if you want to keep it running smoothly and be as successful as possible. Look at all the websites that look like they were designed in 1997, they were never updated after design trends changed, and now they are less successful only because of how they look. Don’t be one of those 1997 designs and lose sales, be a success story, and look professional while staying up to date with design trends!

In the end, setting up a “custom” website is just as easy as setting up a Wix website, but you will have to pay a little more upfront to get a good looking design. You can also purchase some premium plugins to optimize and speed up your pages, but those are usually optional, so focus on what is necessary at first and splurge a little on what you want later on, so you don’t blow through your cash in the first month.


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